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Voice over IP Directory Services

(pronounced as 'voip D S')

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Status of this document:

    This document is an Internet-draft and currently not offered in accordance with section 10 of RFC 2026. This document is subjected to change. For latest version, please refer to


    This document describes the concept of Voice over IP Directory Services (voipDS) and explains voipDS protocol. voipDS is a central repository and a discovery service. The central repository contains the 'peer' connection information for the VOIP devices. Any VOIP user who wants to establish a peer-to-peer communication with other VOIP user, can query this service and get the peer connection information of other VOIP user. The VOIP device that initiates the connection can then automatically configure its system and have a peer-to-peer communication with other VOIP user's device. The voipDS protocol describes how the devices would interact with the repository to initiate the query, get the results and based on the results how to automatically configure the peer-to-peer connection.

The documents is Copyright © 2005, Balaji NJL (balaji at voipds dot org) with the goal of eventually presenting to IETF in accordance with Section 10 of RFC 2026.

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