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    2.11 Status Codes

    Response message contains a status code that denotes the result of a particular request. Various status codes and their meanings.

          o 1xx: Informational - Not used, but reserved for future use
          o 2xx: Success - The action was successfully received,
                 understood, and accepted.
          o 3xx: Redirection - Further action must be taken in order to
                 complete the request
          o 4xx: Client Error - The request contains bad syntax or cannot
                 be fulfilled
          o 5xx: Server Error - The server failed to fulfill an apparently
                 valid request

    (not a complete list)

    200 Signup success. Confirmation Email sent (to be used only with Signup)

    210 Login Success

    220 Registration Success (to be used only with Registration)

    230 Success - Search results

    240 Success - PCI information

    400 UserID already exists in the system

    401 Email address already in the system

    402 Password doesn't meet the criteria

    403 Domain Name already in the system

    404 Invalid PCI protocol

    405 Invalid PCI codec

    406 Invalid PCI type

    407 Invalid PCI Server Names

    408 Invalid PCI IP address

    410 Login failed

    411 Invalid UserID (optional)

    412 Invalid Password (optional)

    413 Invalid Email address (optional)

    414 User not activated

    415 Invalid Session

    430 error - no PCI information

    431 error - private PCI

    432 error - private PCI - request sent

    433 error - request rejected

    440 no search results

    500 Server error

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