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    1. Introduction

    With the explosion of VOIP, in near future majority of households and Businesses would have VOIP devices and / or solutions implemented. In case of individual users, there would be a need to discover friends, family members and relatives with whom one can have a peer-to-peer VOIP communication. Peer-to-peer VOIP communication is better than service provider based VOIP communication because of the fact that peer-to-peer communication is 'free' as in 'free beer'.

    Taking this one step ahead, companies can setup such peer-to-peer VOIP communication with their partner companies (Vendors, Suppliers, Manufacturers etc) and they by completely eliminating their communication costs.

    Peer-to-peer communication is enabled by default in majority of VOIP devices (phones and servers). For e.g. in Xten VOIP Softphone, one can call other Xten Softphone by directly entering other Softphone's IP address. Same is the case with IPphones from GrandStream. In VOIP servers like Asterisk, peer-to-peer communication can be established by registering the other server.

    In order to have a peer-to-peer VOIP communication globally

      • there should be central repository where one can register their 'peer' connection information

      • this central repository would let others to search for the 'peer' connection information of the user they want connect to

      • download the 'peer' connection information and automatically configure their VOIP device

      • and start having peer-to-peer communication by just selecting the configured user in their VOIP device

      • overall the 'peer' connection information should be securely stored and the user has to have complete control on who can get their 'peer' connection information

    The purpose of Voice over IP Directory Services (voipDS) is to address the above requirement with a goal of helping to setup a global peer-to-peer VOIP communication.


      • is a distributed global repository which would let users to register their 'peer' connection information

      • is a service that would let users to search for 'peer' connection information of the users they want to connect to

      • retrieves and sends the peer connection information to the user or the VOIP device which initiated the search query

    voipDS protocol

      • defines communication protocol between VOIP device and voipDS repository

      • is based on xml and defines how a VOIP device can REGISTER, SEARCH, GET and CONFIGURE the peer connection information

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